Germanium Sesquioxide
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Bis (2-Carboxyethylgermanium)sesquioxide

Price Disparity for Bulk Germanium Sesquioxide Source

There is a huge price disparity for bulk Germanium Sesquioxide. Some material is being sold as low as $800/kg and some as high as $6000/kg. What is the difference?

This is one product where higher price does not directly correlate with higher quality. There are a number of good sources in addition to analytical testing methods for quality screening. In the past years we have identified good material from numerous competing sources, including China. Keep in mind that contaminated Asian material is largely responsible for the tainted image of Germanium Sesquioxide today. Import restrictions also call into question the legality of bringing any foreign source into the country. It’s been years since Designed Nutritional screened the competition so I cannot vouch for consistent quality from any source other than Designed Nutritional’s U.S. manufactured product.

Material costs and labor are the primary drivers for price. Good manufacturing technology plays a more minor role. However, the price of $6,000/ kg for bulk Germanium Sesquioxide is awful hard to justify under any circumstances. I’m aware of one such source and it blows my mind that anyone can feel good about selling imported Asian Germanium Sesquioxide for such an outrageous price, especially when this vendor admittedly cannot distinguish his product from a mixture of Vitamin C and germanium dioxide. This is a terrifying confession in my opinion.

The price for bulk U.S. manufactured material is $1,340 - $1,500/kg. Since the cost of materials and labor is much higher in the U.S., all foreign material should easily compete with any U.S. price. My guess is that Asian material is originally acquired for under $1,000 which means that $6,000/kg is pure highway robbery. My advice is to keep your wallet in your pocket and your house locked

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