Germanium Sesquioxide
Organic Germanium

Bis (2-Carboxyethylgermanium)sesquioxide

The Value of Analytical Testing

Some published statements against germanium sesquioxide do not directly condemn it as a harmful substance. In fact, they correctly state “There are few adverse effects reported for germanium sesquioxide” However, they incorrectly imply that the potential for product contamination with toxic inorganic forms is high and difficult, if not impossible, to detect.

Proper analytical testing offers a high level protection and is capable of detecting levels of hazardous contaminants far below anything considered dangerous. Safe consumption of germanium sesquioxide is directly linked to the establishment of purity and positive identification of the source as a safe organic form. Comprehensive analytical testing is vital to correctly determining the identity and purity of germanium sesquioxide. For this reason, a few scientists have invested enormous amounts of time and capital in a wide spectrum of validated analytical methods.

Surprisingly, some germanium marketers are threatened by the mere suggestion of analytical testing; claiming that no adequate testing for germanium sesquioxide exists; claiming that a toxic combination of Vitamin C and germanium dioxide is indistinguishable from germanium sesquioxide by any analytical test. Misrepresentations of this magnitude are a serious concern. Similar ignorance and carelessness is what led to the negative perception of germanium today.

In truth, any source of germanium sesquioxide failing to conduct a full spectrum of analytical testing is simply unable to guarantee purity and quality beyond what is readily apparent from visual inspection. One of three logical conclusions can be drawn from any individual mounting an attack against scientifically validated analytical testing.

...1. This individual is technically inept and incapable of determining what he is actually selling.

...2. This individual is concerned that analytical results will be used as a measuring stick for determining true value at a reasonable price.

...3. This individual wants to avoid careful scrutiny of the product he sells. Why?

There is no “one” test for germanium sesquioxide that will tell you everything you should know about the product. However, the following is a list of analytical tests which, when properly combined and applied, will ensure the identity, purity, and safety of germanium sesquioxide.

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